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AMIA 2012: Enhancing Patient Safety and the Quality of Care with Improved Usability of Health Information Technology

ABSTRACT: Increasingly, modern US healthcare is being delivered to patients with the assistance of health information technologies (health IT). When properly designed, implemented, and used, health information technology can improve patient safety, care quality, and costs. With increased health IT adoption , however, concerns arise with associated unintended consequences, or untoward outcomes, including medical errors and adverse events. Recent evidence suggests that some of these adverse events and unintended consequences may result from highly variable design of health IT, or even poor design resulting in an unintuitive, or confusing, human computer interaction. The AMIA Usability Task Force developed consensus recommendations that address this issue, and suggest a way forward to improve the usability and effective use of health IT, and the quality and safety of patient care. These recommendations focus on best practices for usability and human factors considerations in the design and implementation of health information technology. The AMIA Usability Task Force recommendations (as ratified by the AMIA Board of Directors) will be presented along with both academic and industry perspectives. Ample time will be provided for panel discussion and audience questions and answers.

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