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AMIA 2012: Improving Usability, Quality and Safety: Key Lessons from Airplane Cockpit Design

ABSTRACT: This session tells the story of another industry’s experience improving usability: aircraft cockpit design. Air travel is safer than ever despite dramatic rise in passenger miles. At the same time, the number of cockpit crew has declined even as aircraft complexity has risen. The most important lesson from commercial aviation is the way a culture of quality and safety has guided remarkably successful innovations of interactive computing in flight decks. From the top of the organization to the bottom, people at aircraft manufacturers and their customer airlines are continually aware that lives depend on their work. It may be that the most important usability issue for the EHR industry is that a similar culture of quality and safety is still evolving for information systems that support clinical health care and safety-critical decisions. This session will include a video describing contributions by aviation corporate leaders, human factors experts, pilots, engineers and others over decades that has resulted in the state today: safer flights for more people. Following the video a panel will discuss how this story might provide lessons for improving EMR usability.

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EHR/EMR Workflow System Usability--Roots in Aviation Human Factors